Need a concrete action plan for the transition to green transport in your municipality?


- strategic energy planning for transport


STEPT is the solution you should choose if you want a collective overview of opportunities and challenges in your company’s green transition. With point of departure in analyses and involving processes, you get a strategic plan which is operationally founded, with subsidiary goals and initiatives that secure efficient execution.


In close collaboration, we will make local aspects visible which form the basis of new and adapted solutions that can in fact work in your municipality.


We combine analysis, experiences and market-based cases with creative processes, and we take a thorough look at the market to map parameters that affect the solution. The planning is entrenched in your organization, and we make sure that you receive tools which you yourself can continue working with. 

Our energy planning is:

  • Decision and action oriented with concrete initiatives and goals for implementation
  • Based on global cases, experiences and best practices
  • Oriented towards end users
  • Characterised by global vision and local understanding

Our consultancy takes point of departure in a simple but efficient process that builds on close collaboration and integration of the respective contact persons to ensure implementation and support.

Together we customise your solution. 

Altogether we can say that Insero, which were responsible for the full process, carried out their job with great insight, professionalism and profound understanding of the processes which led to the result.

Insero showed an inspiring enthusiasm towards our project and offered extensive knowledge and understanding for the whole transport sector.

Kurt Prehn, Head of Department for Green Transport in Sønderborg Kommune
Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj

Chief Innovator, E-Mobility


+45 41 12 55 58

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