Need strategic advice and consultation from industry experts about business opportunities within green transition and future technologies – delivered in 3 days?


– Develop your business in 3 days


From 300 ideas to 1 concept in 3 days.


New business ideas and the ability to adapt the supply to the market and clients are essential for a company’s success. With Insero’s Sprint solution, you will gain insights into the company’s opportunities in the future market.


Insero Sprint helps you identify and choose the right opportunities and design the surrounding business concept. We solve complex problems for companies who want strategic advice and consultancy from industry experts about the business opportunities within green transition and future technologies – all in just 3 days!


The sprint represents an accelerated innovation and concept development process which gives companies quick and visible results which potentially paves the way for new and unidentified market opportunities. 

3 ground principles

Insero Sprint challenges your current products and stimulate innovation – and the result you achieve is easy to implement.

The concept is based on Insero’s experience with consultancy of clients across industries and is built on three ground principles:

  • Profound professional knowledge about energy, mobility and IT
  • Facilitation of innovation processes with the client in the centre
  • Implementation of initiatives 

The Sprint process at Insero gave us an opportunity to work downwards from large global challenges to a specific innovative concept.

The team combination of consultants from Insero, our own business developers and external partners contributed to us being able to return home with a result which we could present to the management.

Kirsten Grønborg, Innovation consultant at Alm. Brand
Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj

Chief Innovator, E-Mobility




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