Smart integration

We help examining the potential for innovative solutions which integrate electric vehicles with the electricity grid.


– find your business in integrating electric vehicles into the grid


Denmark is among the world’s leading nations when it comes to development and implementation of solutions within Smart Grid – the intelligent electricity grid. Here, electric vehicles will play a significant role as energy storages and balancing units when the need arises. We help examining the potential for innovative solutions which integrates the electric vehicle into the grid.


If you work with electric vehicles, the electricity grid or in between, then let us have a talk about your opportunities - your business model will most certainly be affected in the future. 

We make customised analyses which consider your unique needs and contains:

  • Mapping of current business model
  • Scenario mapping for future business opportunities
  • Assessment of business potential
  • Identification of first steps towards implementation

Our work gives you the overview of the marketplace you stand before, and where your opportunities as a business are in that connection. 


Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj

Chief Innovator, E-Mobility


+45 41 12 55 58

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