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Does your company need to stay ahead of development on the e-mobility market?

Insero Quarterly

– get the latest trends on the Nordic e-mobility market each quarter


How are the electric vehicle sales in the North progressing, and what do the tendencies show? As leading consultants within the Nordic e-mobility market, we have our finger on the pulse – and so can you.


Insero Quarterly (IQ) collects the latest sales statistics and tendencies from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and compares them. 

IQ also provides an overview of the rollout of infrastructure and current subsidies in each country.

With IQ, you only need to look to one place to get an overview of the Nordic e-mobility market.

At the same time, you gain specific market data to base strategic or product related decisions on. 


  • Latest quarter’s sales statistics for electric vehicles in each country and in the North collectively, sales statistics for the year so far and for car segments as well as models. The stats are compared to the previous year.
  • Overview of the rollout of charging infrastructure in each country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) – how many and how high-powered charging points each country can offer its car owners, and how it looks like compared to the electric vehicle population.
  • Status on each of the countries’ electric vehicle incentives and latest development.
  • In a simple and straightforward way, IQ presents the central tendencies derived from the statistic and development in the respective countries.  

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Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj

Chief Innovator, E-Mobility


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