E-mobility business cluster

Do you want to take part in developing joint and individual business development?


– Become part of Denmark’s cluster for e-mobility


Denmark has great business potential within e-mobility. Many Danish companies possess strong competencies within the area. To be able to play a central part in the world’s fastest growing cleantech industry there is a need to join forces and draw on each other’s competencies and experiences.


We drive the Danish e-mobility business cluster with the very purpose of creating a common platform. We do this to make sure that Danish companies realize their potential and benefit from – as well as gain insights into – the global e-mobility market.


A membership in the cluster ensures that you and your company have a sound connection to the e-mobility industry and a unique opportunity to meet other professionals with a business interest in e-mobility.


As a member of the business cluster, you become part of a strong and business oriented network while also getting access to several specific advantages related to knowledge sharing and promotion.


Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj

Chief Innovator, E-Mobility




+45 41 12 55 58

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