Do you need help securing your buildings from the heavy rain, which over the past years has caused massive damages for many building owners?


- expert help with climate adaption


In the recent years, the climate changes have caused heavy and more frequent rain – also referred to as monster rain. Neither buildings’ drainage nor existing sewerage systems are dimensioned for monster rain, which has caused major and extensive damage to many buildings.


We offer consultancy in how to best secure your buildings from the massive and almost cloudburst-like rain. We examine the buildings for possible risks, propose a solution and carry out changes on the buildings and technical facilities.


We can help you with:

  • Screening of building and area with mapping of risks in regards to heavy rain
  • Consultancy on technical improvements
  • Plan for improvements
  • Securing the building and area for the climate of the future 
Henrik Poulsen

Henrik Poulsen

CEO, Energy & IT


+45 22 70 55 66

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