Efficient resource consumption

Do you want to reduce cost for energy, maintenance and operation – and at the same time contribute to the green transition?


- plan and reduce cost for energy, maintenance and operation


Do you also experience that cost for energy, maintenance and operation are higher than expected? We help you to reduce cost by streamlining your resource consumption whether it concerns residential, commercial or industrial building.


We draw on our many years of experience from FUD and energy consulting within lighting, compressed air, ventilation, pumps, cooling and heating systems, climate screens and renewable energy solutions. Our interest is the best economical solution for your building stock at the same time as maintaining comfort, good indoor climate and great living and work conditions.


We can help you with:

  • Screening/uncovering of the potential
  • Development of a plan for improvement as well as operations and maintenance plan
  • Prioritising of investments
  • Handling of possible procurement and controlling of enterprises for implementation of energy savings 


Claus Weber

Claus Weber

Project Specialist




+45 41 77 01 57

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