Circular economy

Do you need help with the green transition or development of a new innovative business model?


– develop and implement of sustainable solutions 


Circular economy creates new earning potentials and improves competitiveness at the same time as it benefits the environment. Therefore, we have specialised in transforming green transition into good business – we achieve this by rethinking, how you can use your resources in the best way.  


We help you identifying new opportunities, develop innovative business models and implement circular economy throughout the full value chain – and we help you all the way from consultancy about design processes and choice of raw material to reutilisation of components and products.


We offer to stand along your side from the desire to transform circular economy to development and implementation of a concrete action plan:

  • Facilitation of processes for the implementation of circular economy
  • Analysis of existing business models and recommendation of new business model
  • Restructuring of CSR politics within circular economy
Maibrit Pedersen

Maibrit Lajgaard Pedersen

Consultant, Energy Solutions


+45 41 77 12 85

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