Energy and sustainability

How can you implement sustainable solutions without compromising comfort, economy and use of resources? We lead the way to good business on green transition.

RESILIENCE – expert help with climate adaption

Do you need help securing your buildings from the heavy rain, which over the past years has caused massive damages for many building owners? We can help you by examining the buildings for possible risks, develop a solution and carry out changes on the buildings and technical facilities. 

ENERGY ANALYSIS – overview of resource consumption

Do you want to minimise your energy use? We conduct analyses of energy consumption and advice you on how to best reduce consumption from a technical, economic and environmental angle. In the analysis, we consider new production technologies, savings and adaption of the energy use to a more flexible energy system. 

EFFECIENT RESOURCE CONSUMPTION - plan and reduce cost for energy, maintenance and operation

Do you want to reduce cost for energy, maintenance and operation – and at the same time contribute to the green transition? We create efficiencies in energy consumption whether it is in residential, commercial or industrial building. 

CIRCULAR ECONOMY – develop and implement of sustainable solutions

Do you need help with the green transition or development of a new innovative business model? Our experts gladly help you all the way from consultancy about the design process and choice of raw materials to recycling of components and products. 

DEVELOPMENT AND DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS - at the forefront of latest research and knowledge  

We stay one step ahead developing new knowledge by participating in strategic development and demonstration projects.

Right now we are a part of the EcoGrid project. See more here: 

Henrik Poulsen

Henrik Poulsen

CEO, Energy & IT


+45 22 70 55 66

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