Innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship is about teaching students to discover problems in their everyday life and transform them into solutions by using your knowledge, creativity and working woth others in network. 


The subject has risen to the top of the agenda, also in the curricula of our schools. As a teacher you meet new demands and may face challenges in planning as well as designing an innovation process for your students. We prepare you for these challenges and provide you with the tools and skills to plan, design and implement innovation processes with your students. 

Insero has inspired and helped us with our elective course in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as given us concrete tool to further work

Anders Olesen, headmaster at Stensballeskolen


We have developed a five-step innovation and entrepreneurship model, and we help teachers to include innovation and entrepreneurship in their teaching. See and download our innovation and entrepreneurship model here. (In Danish)


We can help you with designing a customised course in innovation and entrepreneurship. We prepare you through a combination of workshops and courses, and provide you with a number of tools designed for the teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We can also help you run or plan courses or camps - or inspire you on how to use our mobile innovation lab in your teaching. Read about our mobile innovation lab.


If your school or institution is located within the local area of the Insero Horsens Foundation, you have access to free advice because the Insero Horsens Foundation funds our work within the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more about Insero's local area.

Katrine Læssøe Mikkelsen

Katrine Læssøe Mikkelsen

Team Lead, Education


+45 41 77 24 64

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