Engineering Lab

Engineering Lab

Engineering Lab is a national project which develops, tests and implements learning programs in primary schools. With focus on developing the students' ability to solve practical problems, the project supports the use of new technologies in teaching.   

There is a need to strengthen students' interest in technical and practical educations in Denmark. New ways of teaching and innovative technologies continously place greater demands on the students' ability to solve practical problems.

At the same time, 'the open school' increases the need to strengthen and qualify collaboration between schools and business communities.



The concept 'engineering' means processes where technological solutions are developed in order to remedy a practical problem or need in society. 

Schools that participate in Engineering Lab can expect to be at the forefront of development when it comes to motivating students to choose a technically oriented education. 




In Horsens, a national resource center is established, which becomes a hotspot and gathering point for new research, innovative technologies, constructive knowledge sharing and practical workshops.

From here, the involved schools can gain inspiration, coordination and support in connection with the local activities. At the same time, there will be a possibility for borrowing equipment and materials from here. 


We are continuously sharing new material, which can be used in your lessons. 

Take a look at our cases, which can motivate and inspire your students. 

Take a look inside the Engineering Lab


Over the course of three years, participation in Engineering Lab gives each school access to the following:


  • Dialogue about goal and strategy in relation to technology, engineering, innovation and interaction with companies
  • Lessons in enginereing didactics in primary school for all relevant teachers
  • Three workshops with external consultancy and following documentation and evaluation
  • Suggestion for decor of rooms and purchase of equipment
  • Measurement of students' interest for the technical discipline before, under and after implementation of Engineering Lab 
  • Membership of the Engineering Lab network and the national resource center

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