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We help you develop and design digital solutions which make it easy for your users to love your product.

How can you create the optimal user experience? At Insero, we are experts in user experience, and it is our priority to help you develop technologies and digital products which create the complete user-experience.

We put the users first and help you do the same! We help you with everything from implementation of UX strategy in the organisation to research and design and ensure that your product best fulfils the needs of the users. 



We help you establish a strategy and give you a clear action plan for how you work with UX in your company. We ask the right questions and together we find the answers. The questions could be: Which processes must be established around the work with UX? How can we do it? How will UX be prioritised? Who will have the responsibility for UX in the company? Etc.


With a clear and executable UX-strategy, you minimise the risks for unsuccessful initiatives when the company develop new products and create new customer relations. Among other things, a UX-strategy ensures that the users’ needs are prioritized when new products are developed – that is where true value is created both for the users and your bottom line.  



Are you developing a new product or design? Involve your users early in the development process and make sure that the product matches your users’ need and behaviour. We specialise in getting to know your users through user involvement.


You gain valuable insights about the market, how the users view your product, how they use it and whether they know how to use it. With our expertise, you can get help transforming these insights into concrete solutions which create better products, happier users and better results on the bottom line.


We create valuable user insights through;

  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Needs analyses
  • Questionnaires
  • Observation studies/field studies
  • User tests 



It is expensive to design digital solutions which do not work properly. By involving specialists in user experience when you launch or re-design a digital solution, you increase the likelihood for success. We clarify which functionalities must be presented when, design the user interface and ensure that your product meets the expectations of the users at the same time as it matches your demands for the product.


Is the goal a specific action from the users? We design the customer experience so there is the strongest probability for the users to have the desired behaviour.


We are specialists in:

  • Design of user interface
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Communication and messages that support the desired behaviour 

Our key focus is on the users and their needs. It is about creating digital solutions that truly makes life easier for our customers and their user – user experience, technology and business must support each other

Simon Rosenqvist, UX-specialist at Insero
Frederik Johansen

Frederik Johansen

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