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We help our clients build and design digital solutions which drive green transition. Read more about our services here:


– add expertise to your IT project


Do you need help implementing your next digital investment? We can help you all the way from specifying your idea to implementing the digital solution.

Digitalization increases productivity and competitiveness. But which solution is the right one? We help you by navigating in a jungle of digital and technological opportunities and secure a successful journey from drawing board to implementation.

We help you with:


• Specification of your idea • Design of architecture • Design of user interface • Implementation



– create business where data and unites connect 


How can ‘connectivity’ boost your business? We help you with data collection, aggregation, visualization and reporting.


Internet of Things (IoT) is already and will also become part of future products where sensors are being built in to anything from refrigerators to windows. Great quantities of data can create value for your clients and your organization. We help you with collecting the proper data and utilizing the potential in IoT.


IoT covers many things. For us, it is about managing the communication between sensors and systems, collecting and processing data – and last but not least, visualize and present it so that value is added to your business. 



– user-friendly digital solutions


The users’ experience of your product is crucial for your success. We help you develop and design user-friendly technologies and digital solutions which makes it easy for your users to love your product. 



solutions for the intelligent city 


Do you need smart solutions to handle the opportunities and challenges the green transition causes? We are specialists in transforming data into valuable information through intelligent software solutions.


Does your city want to create sustainable growth? Smart digital solutions are a requisite for implementing for instance green transport and energy supply. With our expertise, we can help you turn green transition and CO2 reduction into good business.


We combine the best from different fields – energy technology, software development and mobility – and build ambitious digital solutions which transforms your city into a ‘Smart City’.



– at the forefront of latest research and knowledge


Digital innovation requires the latest knowledge. We stay one step ahead developing new knowledge by participating in strategic development and demonstration projects within the field of Smart City and Internet of Things.


Right now we are a part of the Ecogrid project. Read more here: 

We are a Microsoft house which use the newest development technologies and at the same time experiment with the newest trends within Cloud, IoT, Mobile and augmented and virtual reality.

We customize the solution to your exact needs, and help you make sure that your digital investment provides value for your organization

Frederik Johansen

Frederik Johansen

Team Lead, Software Solutions


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