Photographic Business Tours

Reach your customers with Google Street View


Increase your Google presence with a 360º virtual tour of your business. The tour is shown in premium quality based on Street View technology, and it's fast, easy and inexpensive. With a Google-certified photographer, we will bring the Street View experience inside, allowing your customers to satisfy their curiosity by exploring the facilities and sensing the decor and ambience - and you get to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Why Google Street View?


Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, and it's most likely the first place potential customers will look, when they need to find a business in the local area or when they're looking for a restaurant to visit on their next trip. With Google Street View, you have a chance to show customers why YOUR business should be the one they visit. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and imagine how great it would be, if you were looking for a new restaurant, and prior to your visit you could step inside the restaurant, walk through it and explore the ambiance, or even check out the table in a cozy corner where you'd like to sit.


Beautiful images on all devices

The 360-degree images are shot in the best possible quality using special equipment and HDR technology, ensuring that your business will look great in Google regardless of whether visitors take the virtual tour from a computer, smartphone or tablet. As an added bonus, your Google search results will improve, as visitor will se an info box welcoming them inside your business - and Street View will also show in Google Maps and Google+. 

After publishing, the virtual tour can also be implemented on your company website. 


We offer prices as low as DKK 1.500 for very small businesses, and usually the prices range between DKK 2.500 - 5.500. Essentially, the price depends on the size of the business and the amount of time we need to spend on the assignment. Please give us a call, and we can find a price that matches your business and your needs.

The price is a one-time fee that covers the recording itself - including ordinary interior images - and publishing of the images using Google's software. After the shooting, the business will own all the images. The recording won't take long, and your customers won't be disturbed.