We help realise development projects and make sure the good idea make it all the way to the market.



We have a complete overview of funding programmes on the European market. We offer support during the entire application process - from identifying the relevant program, to finding good partners and to ensure that the idea reach the market. We offer qualified information about funding opportunities, which focuses specifically on the business need. 




We can help identify the opportunities for loans and equity - or other types of financing. We know the players on the market and their special interests and can help mediate and ensure that the financing is finalised.




Mapping the development potential is essential when growth and improvements are needed in a company. With point of departure in a specific market, targetgroup or technology, we focus on known and hidden needs. This way we provide a baseline to determine if an idea has growth potential or not and if new opportunities have been missed. We have vast experience with solutions to small and medium-sized companies and this is why we know that valuable insights - in a brief and clear format - is ideal and provide most value for money.

CASE: Future internet smart utility services

With a total budget of 143 million DKK the FINESCE project was part of a large European initiative, which purpose was to develop an open IT-infrastructure that today is used to develop and offer new app-based energy solutions in all areas of the future internet. Insero played a significant role in the application proces, which contributed to getting the project granted and to establish one of the seven testsites in Denmark.

Mikael Boye Enig

Mikael Boye Enig



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