Nordic sales of battery-powered vehicles continue to set new records

Nordic sales of battery-powered vehicles continue to set new records

2017 continues to set new records in sales of battery-powered vehicles in the Nordic countries. June is the best-selling month ever and with a record sale of 18,777 second quarter of 2017 brings the total stock of battery-powered vehicles to 199,815 across the Nordic countries. Simultaneously, Sweden increases roll out of infrastructure significantly and Norway continues to sustain record high sales figures for second quarter in a row.


Sales of EVs and PHEVs (plug-in electric vehicle hybrids) reached 18,777 in the second quarter of 2017. This means that the number of battery-powered vehicles on the roads in the Nordic countries has now hit 199,815. This is stated in the recently published edition of the industry publication Insero Quarterly, which presents the latest development in sales of battery-powered vehicles in the Nordic countries. Interestingly, the popularity of plugin hybrids continues to grow. In Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the plugin hybrid is already the preferred battery-powered vehicle type while popularity continues to grow in Norway.


”We see significant growth in the PHEV segment which now has three models that sell more than 1,000 cars in a quarter. To a high degree, the reason for this is that more and more interesting models now come as plug-in hybrids”, says Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj, Chief Innovator at Insero.


With 1,256 sold cars, Mitsubishi Outlander was the best-selling PHEV in the second quarter with 8.78% of the total EV sale across Nordic countries. The two other PHEV car models, which have sold more than 1,000 cars in the quarter areVolkswagen Golf GTE and Volkswagen Passat GTE. On the other hand, Volkswagen E-Golf was the best-selling EV with 1740 sold cars, which means, it makes up 9.55% of the total EV sale in the North.


Finland outpaces Denmark

The Norwegian market continues to grow in a steady pace, selling 13,860 battery-driven vehicles in the second quarter of 2017, which corresponds to 73.8% of the total sale in Nordic countries. Sweden enters second with 21.7% while Finland now surpasses Denmark. With an increase of 10.7%, Finland sells 688 battery-powered vehicles while the Danish market sells 150 which account for 0.8% of the total sale.


”The positive development in Finland is driven by the fact that prices on PHEVs have become competitive in the premium segment, and because more public organisations begin buying electric vehicles. In Denmark, we are still awaiting the effect of the change in the registration tax. The reason for this is among other things delivery time on electric vehicles. For instance, Hyundai’s first delivery of Ioniq is announced sold-out, however, this we will first see in Q3 when the cars have arrived,” siger Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj.


Significant increase in infrastructure roll out in Sweden

Generally, the progress is positive in the roll out of infrastructure across the Nordic countries, however, it is noteworthy that Sweden in the second quarter of 2017 increases the number of charging stations with 24.9%, and thereby brings the total stock to 3,563. In Norway, there are today 9,052 charging stations while in Denmark and Finland there are respectively 2,546 and 929.


“In Sweden, operators have discovered the growth of the market which has resulted in more competition and significantly more charging stations. For electric vehicle owners and the country, this means better conditions,” finishes Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj.


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