Insero hosts Hackathon

Insero hosts Hackathon

How does the future of mobility look? That was, among other things, what 90 students from VIA University College in Horsens spend the weekend investigating, when Insero hosted a Hackathon event.


90 young students spend the entire weekend investigating what the future looks like within mobility. This happened when Insero opened its doors to a Hackathon event – a new initiative, where students attempt to create new innovative solutions based on open source software and data.


Insero arranged the event, which was held in Insero Innovation Space, located in Vitus Bering Innovation Park in Horsens. The theme at the event was electric vehicles, and the case took point of departure in TADAA! and its platform. TADAA! offers a car sharing service to housing associations and other communities. The participants had several challenges – all with the same purpose, which was to enhance the user experience with TADAA!’s users. One of the challenges was how TADAA! can optimize the communication between the TADAA! cars and the associated app. The end of the event was marked Sunday afternoon, where the winner group was selected.


Hackathon was a very good practice in group work. It was nice to contribute to an already existing project, trying out how creative one can be when the situation calls for it,” David Kuts states.  


During the Hackathon event Insero had, as a surprise, arranged that the participants could go for a ride in a TADAA! car. 


It has been a fun and amazing experience to work with TADAA! It has given us a unique chance to work with new technologies like electric vehicles,” Nicolai Sand says.


Young students possess the newest knowledge

Insero saw the event as a good possibility to provide the students with a framework and an environment, where they could contribute with their knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, it was a good opportunity for the participants to be able to share their knowledge with other students, and thereby obtain inspiration to think even more innovative and different.


Moreover, Insero saw the event as an opportunity to gather inspiration for development of new technologies in interaction with students who studies within the software and innovations field, and thus possess the newest knowledge.


Last but not least, Insero also saw the event as an opportunity to spot new potential employees, who can contribute to growth and development within energy and IT.