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New edition of Insero Quarterly: The Nordic EV-stock surpasses 85.000 in Q3 of 2015

10.735 new EVs have silently rolled out onto the Nordic roads in the third quarter of 2015, bringing the total stock of EVs in the Nordic region passed 85.000. Furthermore, Denmark has experienced the best-seeling quarter to date.


The Nordic EV-stock is on its way to reaching 100.000. This is apparent from the recently published edition of the industry publication Insero Quarterly, which presents the latest development in the sales of electric cars in the Nordic countries. With a third quarter, that once again saw sales in the Nordic region surpass 10.000 sold EVs, the total stock in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are now beyond 85.000 – an increase of 63% compared to 2014. The total number of EVs is expected to surpass 100.000 during the first quarter of 2016.


“100.000 EVs is an important milestone, which seemed unrealistic just a few years ago. It shows that EVs have gained a solid foothold in the Nordic market. It also means that we are approaching a situation where EVs represent 1% of the total stock of cars in the Nordic region”, explains consultant in Insero E-Mobility, Søren Bernt Lindegaard.


Norway continues its reign

Norway continues to be the clear market leader in the Nordic region, being responsible for impressive four out of five sold electric car – in spite of a Q3 showing the lowest sales figures yet in 2015. Sweden and Finland also experienced a decline in sales compared to previous quarters, whereas Denmark experienced the best-selling quarter to date.


The most popular EV-segment across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark is the C-segment, where VW e-Golf, BMW I3 and the Nissan Leaf are the top sellers. Particularly the VW e-Golf pulls a big load with more than 2.000 sold models during the third quarter – an increase of almost 100% compared to the same period in 2014. Sales is estimated to keep increasing in the coming months, where Nissan Leaf is expected to upgrade the battery pack.


Preliminary clarification on the future of EVs in Denmark

During the third quarter of 2015, a solution was found concerning EVs exemption from registration tax in Denmark, which was to expire by the end of 2015. Rather than extending the current exemption any further, the Danish government has decided to phase-in EVs in the current registration system by 2020. Insero expects sales to increase in the remaining months of 2015, where after the new agreement comes into effect.


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