About us

We strive to leave a significant footprint on the intelligent society of tomorrow

Insero is a development- and consultancy company, which takes the lead in the green transition with sustainable energy solutions.


One of our most important tasks is to develop, test and implement new energy technology solutions to meet the future challenges facing our globe. Challenges, that call for a necessary change to our way of producing, distributing and consuming energy.


Some of the technologies that can move our horizons already exist but need to be combined in new ways. Other technologies must first be developed. We combine the best from different disciplines - energy technology, software development, mobility, education - and build ambitious solutions that work where people live and move.


We translate our knowledge into concrete consultancy that helps private companies and public organizations towards greener solutions through intelligent integration of energy systems and services.



Our ambition is to unite sustainability, economy and comfort in groundbreaking solutions, that changes the world.

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