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Software & data

Information is crucial for all businesses. Most information is created from software extracting data from many different sources.

Aggregating data into valuable information and presenting the information plays a crucial role in intelligent solutions. This is particularly challenging when data from several technologies are integrated.



We are constantly developing our expertise by acquiring new knowledge within our business domains. We are specialised in transforming your complex data into usable and valuable information to support your business.

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what we offer

  • We are specialised in collecting, processing and visualising data and information. We use the information to develop new and effective software systems.
  • We have a proven record of providing reliable and efficient system to support the business of our customers and partners.
  • We supply mission critical systems to airports and the energy marked. And we are capable of reducing and controlling the energy consumption for our customers and business partners.
  • We are constantly open to new areas where our competences can create value for customers. 


Having fast and reliable access to the right information is a crucial driver when optimising your business. Data is available from many different sources and in many different formats.



System monitoring is crucial to optimise the operation of your IT and control systems. Many systems have built in monitoring systems of their own. When integrating such system the need for an efficient system monitoring system becomes obvious.

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Reliable data collection is essential for the quality of information derived for integrated systems. We have developed advanced techniques to secure reliable data flow from sensors and other data sources.


We offer you more than 20 years of experience in system integration within the aeronautical domain.

Safety is integrated in our approach for the best solution. Our Quality Management System is ISO9001-2008 certified. All development is carried out in accordance with either SWAL3 or SWAL4.