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Get the most out of your energy investments

Energy Monitor

Reduce energy consumption in your buildings, save money on electricity, water and heating bills and help promote an environmentally sustainable behaviour with the Energy Monitor series. Through visualisation and monitoring of your buildings’ energy data, we make the energy consumption and production in your buildings visible, allowing you to react to energy waste that would otherwise not be visible.


Get the most out of your energy investments with the Energy Monitor series


The Energy Monitor product series consists of Energy Monitor PRO as well as a number of add-on modules that make it easy and simple to get the most out of your energy investments. Put together the solution that best suits you, whether you want basic energy monitoring and reduction of energy waste, to communicate the results of your energy investments, or to focus on energy consumption and promote environmentally sustainable behaviour among the users of your buildings.

Get an overview of the energy consumption and production in your building

Energy Monitor PRO provides an overview of the energy consumption and production in your building. In addition to offering an overview of the total consumption, the web tool disseminates those parts of the consumption that differ from the norm and thus require attention and possible action.

This way, you and the person responsible for the energy consumption in the building – e.g. the janitor – can keep track of the building’s energy consumption and thereby optimise the use of energy and reduce energy waste that is otherwise not visible before the energy bill is received. Consequently, you save money on your energy bills and benefit the environment at the same time.

Communicate with your daily users at eye level

With Energy Monitor COMMUNICATOR, you communicate at eye level and capture the interest of both daily users and guests in the building, leaving no doubt that focus on energy and the environment is a high priority. Energy Monitor COMMUNICATOR is an ideal tool, if you wish to involve the users of the building in the optimisation of the energy consumption.

With your own dynamic info screen, you can influence the users to act more energy efficient by providing information on consumption, environmental impacts and the effect of your energy investments - and by offering advice and tips for an environmentally sustainable behaviour.

Gain an overall view of energy consumption and energy waste in your buildings

If you are responsible for several buildings and want an overall view of the energy consumption and the energy waste across all the buildings, Energy Monitor PORTFOLIO is the tool for you.

Energy Monitor PORTFOLIO provides you with a simple overview and communicates critical areas in the buildings’ energy consumption, allowing you to detect technical errors and irregularities in time. Furthermore, it is easy to compare the consumption of different buildings and communicate the relevant information to the person responsible for each building.

Teach sustainable behavior through relevant energy data

With Energy Monitor EDUCATOR, you can bring sustainable behavior into focus by using live energy data from your building. Here, teachers and students can extract and use the school’s own energy data for experiments, getting a better understanding of the different types of energy, and not least understanding the effect of their own energy behavior.

In that way, Energy Monitor EDUCATOR gives teachers and students insights into the school’s actual energy consumption and increase the understanding of how to reduce the energy consumption of the building through changed behavior.

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