New innovative business strategies

The market for new green tech solutions is dependent on a number of factors such as incentive schemes, tax structures, existing infrastructures and the technology’s contribution to the reduction of Denmark’s total energy consumption.

Strategy - from analysis to tests

We are specialised in developing business strategies for green tech companies that work with sustainable electricity and heating solutions. Our experts in the field of economy, energy analysis and technology development can evaluate the market potential of your product, calculate cost-benefit and develop your go-to-market strategy.


We can also provide you with living lab installations, where you can test your product and verify the strength of your business model - including the customers’ use patterns, expectations to the product and willingness to invest.

Business strategy

You may need to rethink your business model, if you want a foothold in the energy market, which is controlled by regulations and taxes, as well as influenced by the consumers’ need for security. We can help you identify market niches, develop services and determine the pricing structures that can bring your product to the market.


Your product's fixed and variable costs and the value of your customer’s benefits of the product will affect your business case and your market size. We can determine the market value of your product and estimate return on investment in a cost-benefit analysis.

Read how we have helped IRD with an economic analysis. 

Scenario analysis

Your market potential is not determined by price alone. Factors such as society’s wish to reduce CO2-emissions can also play a role, as it often dictates the tax structures or incentive schemes. We carry out scenario analyses that show your product’s contribution to the energy system as a whole. Besides uncovering the sensitivity of your business plan, it can help you sharpen your value proposition and target your marketing.

Risk and sensitivity

Most business cases are challenged by a number of variable factors such as changing fuel prices or an insecure supply chain. We can uncover and assess risks, as well as perform sensitivity analyses that show your business case and return on investment under different market conditions. That way, we turn your risk management into a specific task that can be handled and increase your chances of success.

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