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Does your company need to stay ahead within the developments on the electric vehicle market?

Get the latest Nordic electric vehicle market statistics and trends in Insero Quarterly

How are the electric vehicle sales in Denmark progressing and what are the main tendencies? And what about the market developments in the rest of the Nordic countries? As a leading consultant within the Nordic e-mobility market we have our finger on the pulse – and so can you.


Four times a year, Insero Quarterly (IQ) collects the latest sales statistics and tendencies from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and compares them across the borders. IQ also provides an overview of the rollout of infrastructure in each country, accumulated market battery capacity as well as comparing prices between electric vehicles and comparable conventional petrol and diesel cars.

Insero Quarterly

IQ delivers a continuously updated and collected overview of the developments within the Nordic electric vehicle market and highlights central trends based on the figures.

With IQ you only need to look one place for all of the information about the Nordic electric vehicle market. Simultaneously, you get concrete market data to base strategic or product related decisions on.




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Sales statistics on electric vehicles in the Nordic countries individually and combined for the latest quarter, year-to-date and on car segments as well as models. The figures are compared with the developments the year prior.


Overview over the rollout of charging infrastructure in the respective countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) – how many and how powerful charging points can each country provide for its electric vehicle owners, and how does it look compared with the electric vehicle stock.


Status on the electric vehicle incentives in the individual countries and the latest developments.


Price comparisons between specific electric vehicles and similar petrol or diesel cars in all car classes from mini to luxury in each country and across the borders.


The main tendencies inferred from all of the statistics and developments in each country and overall presented in a straightforward and clear way. 

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Why Choose Insero?

Specialised market knowledge
We have been in the industry from the beginning and have “grown up” with it. Thus, we have great market insights at both Nordic and international level. Simply put, we are dedicated to e-mobility.


Special focus on the Nordic countries
The Nordic e-mobility market is our primary area of focus. Here, some electric vehicle conditions are very similar while others are quite different. We correlate the conditions for the electric vehicles with the actual sales developments.

Strong sources

We collaborate directly with key suppliers of the sales statistics in the respective countries. Thus, we can deliver precise and summed up figures for you.