Fundraising is actually not that difficult – all it takes is a lot of energy and the necessary knowhow


Do you have a good idea, or do you need financing to develop your company? Three things can improve your chances of securing the funds in the first attempt: an overview of the complex funding landscape, familiarity with the various demands from the funding provider as well as a good application. 


Let us help you in your funding process
Our goal is to professionalise - and create an understanding of - the entire funding process. We do not question the professional aspects of your idea but focus instead on the entire course of the application – from identifying the relevant programme to looking ahead and pointing out the next possible step that could take your idea all the way to the market.


Reasonable price
We have a lot of experience in doing fundraising for small and medium-sized enterprises – and we can offer a reasonable price that matches the extent of the specific assignment. 

Screening and mapping

Specific, qualified knowledge throughout the project, so you are equipped to make the right decisions and promote the results of your project.

Gain market insights


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