Insero offer new solutions, projects and education within energy, IT and the airport sector. We bring green tech to life


Insero offer new solutions, projects and education within energy, IT and the airport sector. We are a leading expert in intelligent software, energy and e-mobility – and in how the technologies will integrate into the future Smart Grid. We have a holistic and business-oriented perspective in our way of working, and our clients are both private and public companies and airports.


We are specialists in new renewable technologies and we help green tech companies bring their products to the market. We offer strategic energy planning and sustainable, simple heating services.
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Benefit from our extensive knowledge about the global e-mobility market - whether you need a market analysis, a strategy or advise on how to implement electric vehicles in your fleet. Or join our e-mobility business cluster and development projects.
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Project & Business development

We help companies develop their business through new projects and by market screenings and development of business models and strategies.
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Software & Data

We are specialised in collecting, processing and producing data and in developing new effective software systems capable of reducing and controlling the energy consumption for our customers and business partners.
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We offer a customised and interactive web-based platform to give an overview of the energy system. We also kick-start new concepts and technologies within innovation, entrepreneurship and natural science.
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Capital & Fundraising

We invest venture capital in startups within the energy and IT sector and private equity in established companies with growth ambitions. We also assist in applying for funding programs.
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