An international melting pot of entrepreneurs, students and businesses 

Vitus Bering Innovation Park in Horsens is a dynamic innovation park that helps entrepreneurs turn their technological ideas into sustainable businesses. The park offers modern office facilities, network and consultancy in order to create growth – internationally.


The 8000 square meters are home to growth-oriented companies and entrepreneurs, consultants, counselors and educational activities.

Become a part of a growth-oriented development park, where entrepreneurs and businesses works with 4000 students, where half of them are international. That creates an attractive environment, where education and business life creates an international melting pot.

Vitus Bering Innovation Park is a meeting sport for suits and nerds - a place where ideas become healthy businesses

Ulla Sparre, Director, Vitus Bering Innovation Park


Benefit from Vitus Bering Innovation Park’s inspiring framework and supportive functions – targeted at entrepreneurs in pursuit of growth. As a tenant in the park, you gain access to a range of competences and services – all with the overall purpose of creating value and revenue for your business.

Take advantage of the easy access to the latest scientific knowledge and inspiration. The park is full of advisors waiting to help you in terms of network and capital. If you are working on a prototype for a new technology - get it tested in a range of different laboratory facilities.

Karsten Lumbye Jensen

Head of innovation




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