Gain vital technical and sociological input by demonstrating your technologies and products in real life settings


A living lab is a strong way for you to demonstrate your technologies, products or prototypes in real life. In Insero Live Lab you come in direct contact with the end-user – providing you with timely, in-depth knowledge about your products efficiency, your customers’ use-cases and their propensity to invest.

We can help you:

  • Find suited test sites
  • Reduce your production cost
  • Optimise your technology
  • Convert you results into a strong business plan

Test or develop your technology today


With Insero Live Lab the gap between manufacturer and consumer has been shortened. Where the consumer previously was involved late in the development process, it is now possible to include them at an early stage.

You therefore have access to testing your technology on end-users and to integrate the knowledge in your production, giving you a competitive advantage and desirable insights on your products and services.

Involve your end user in the proces

Through Insero Live Lab we have attracted several new business partners, clients and contractors as well as a higher knowledge level.

Jens Palmelund, owner of Hedensted VVS Service A/S


Electric cars play an important role as a supplementary energy store, delivering power to the electrical grid or to households. We can help you assess the potential of new solutions that integrate electrical cars with the electrical grid.

Do you lack insight into whether or not your electrical car integration solution is realisable? Then let us take a closer look at your business model. Or if you need to test your business model, we can offer you a Living Lab setup.

How we can help you on smart integration

Karsten Lumbye Jensen

Head of innovation


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