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10 companies selected for the elite training programme Scale-Up Denmark

In the autumn of 2016, Insero started the search for companies with an extraordinary growth potential to participate in the nationwide accelerator programme, Scale-Up Denmark. Now, you can meet the 10 world class companies that Insero - in cooperation with the Centre for Energy Efficient Technologies - will develop and accelerate.


Over the coming six months, Insero along with Danish and international investors, well-established companies and leading universities will be advising and business developing the selected Danish and international companies, who are all working in the field of energy efficient technologies.


The companies have been carefully selected among hundreds of companies from around the world who sent in their application, hoping to become part of the accelerator programme. In addition to training and advising the selected companies, the vision for Scale-Up Denmark is to create a solid foundation for growth - a so-called ecosystem, which gives companies access to the capital, know-how and knowledge that can transform them from entrepreneurs to large companies.


The latest ideas for the green solutions of the future

The 10 selected companies are part of the Centre for Energy Efficient Technologies, which is one of the 10 elite training centres that Scale-Up Denmark has established in Denmark. The companies are working with the latest ideas for green technologies and business models, which in the future may bring Denmark on track for green growth. Meet the companies here:


  • Hydrosystems – New technologies which ensure optimal use and design of drainage systems in the water sector: http://hydrosystems.dk/om-os/ 
  • Water Environment Technologies - Developer of intelligent water metering, which can analyse the quality of water and warn if the water is contaminated.
  • Horn Group - Has developed an electronic valve solution for windows to optimize energy consumption in buildings: http://www.horngroup.dk/
  • Energy Sequence – An intelligent platform to quickly and efficiently assess the energy consumption of thousands of buildings: http://www.energysequence.com/
  • Zmartify – Offers a next-generation Smart Home solution for e.g. control of heating in single family houses: http://zmartify.eu/
  • One Grid – Optimizing energy consumption in buildings: http://onegridcorp.com/index.php
  • Purix – Developer of air conditioning based on renewable energy: http://www.purix.com/
  • Energy Harvester – Has developed a charger that charges mobile units when you are walking: http://www.energyharvesters.com
  • EC Group – Developer of energy optimized and user customized system solutions for ventilation and cooling equipment:  http://energy-cool.com/home
  • DS Energy – Reduces companies’ energy consumption through energy monitoring: http://dsenergy.dk/