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about insero e-mobility

In Insero E-Mobility we have extensive insights about the global e-mobility market. We transfer this knowledge into analyses and strategies for Danish and international companies.

Great e-mobility potential

Through projects and our business cluster, we help create new products and services, which take advantage of the vast e-mobility potential that lies within the industry intersection of mobility, IT and energy.

Part of the industry since early on

Insero E-Mobility was the first subsidiary founded by Insero back in 2009. In other words, we have been a part of the e-mobility industry since its early infancy and have continuously followed the development.

Karsten Lumbye Jensen

CEO, Insero E-Mobility

Insero E-Mobility,Insero Horsens

+45 41 32 98 39

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what we do

In short, Insero E-Mobility is your e-mobility specialist. Our specific focus areas are:

Analysis and Strategy
The e-mobility market is still in its infancy and under constant development. We specialise in analysing its trends and operators – internationally too. We translate these extensive insights into tailor-made analyses, go-to-market strategies and concrete business development for our customers targeting the market.

Projects and Business Cluster
The future market is open to many Danish companies. We help them realise their business potential within e-mobility. We do so by creating new projects, products and services tailored for the e-mobility market as well as connecting the right operators across industries through the Danish e-mobility business cluster and thereby opening doors to the market of the future.

Smart Integration and Live Lab
E-mobility will become an integrated part of the intelligent grid and society of the future. We have the right insights and contribute to new solutions in the intersection between mobility, IT and energy. We innovate on and have access to unique facilities where new technologies and solutions can be tested by the users.

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Insero E-Mobility A/S. Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4a. 8700 Horsens. Denmark. VAT no.: 32 65 45 33. Phone: +45 41 32 98 39. Mail: If you have any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us via the form below.



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