Our three values form the basis of everything we do and everything we offer


Stature to dare – stature to change

At Insero, we dare to create change and we challenge the level of ambition in everything we do. Our visions, work and solutions have to be of stature. Being of stature is about having the will and courage to think freely.


Focus creates engagement – focus creates results.

Focus is about purpose. Every result we create follows an overall guiding purpose. Focus makes us capable of being dedicated, making a difference and finding the solutions that brings the most value. Through focus, we achieve development and progress.


Respect makes us forthcoming – respects makes us considerate.

We respect diversity, functions and the individual. We respect the foundation’s financial capital and the base on which Insero was built. Respect is about showing consideration for each other, taking everyone seriously, communicating openly and being fair.

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